In conjunction with the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Missouri State Parks, Missouri Stream Teams, Ozark Heritage Project, Shannon County Museum, and other Organizations:

  • April 2022 Legends Scholarship Program
  • May 2022 Jr. Ranger Day
  • May 2022 Educational Field Trip Activities in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways
  • May 2022 Upper Current River Community Celebration at Akers and Cedar Grove
  • May 2022 Lunch and Learn River Safety Presentations with Vendors
  • June 2022 River Safety Programs/Assisted Skill Classes and River Roving
  • June 2022 Stream Team Jacks Fork River Cleanup
  • July 2022 Stream Team and OHP Current River Cleanup
  • August 2022 Volunteers Picnic
  • August 2022 Celebration of the River Community at Round Spring
  • September 2022 Celebration of the River Community for Two Rivers, Blair Creek, and Shawnee Communities
  • September 2022 National Public Lands Day Activities and Projects

Please watch our Facebook page for more details on dates and time, and current updates.